Maria Alejandra Mora Sanchez Loom 3D Printed Adaptable Dress
Loom 3D Printed Adaptable Dress is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 3D Printed Forms and Products Design Award Category.
Loom 3D Printed Adaptable Dress

Loom is an expandable, adaptable, wearable and flexible 3D printed dress that adapts to all body types and body changes. Since we aren’t able to 3D print fabrics yet, Loom explores the possibilities of creating wearable 3D printed textiles with structures that are designed in relation to function, anatomy, movement, and utility. 3D printing in the fashion industry can be revolutionary and helpful if it is designed with functionality and the human body in mind. Loom proves that 3D printing clothing is more feasible, affordable, adaptable and possible than we think.

Loom 3D Printed Adaptable Dress
Maria Alejandra Mora Sanchez Loom
Maria Alejandra Mora Sanchez 3D Printed Adaptable Dress
Maria Alejandra Mora Sanchez design
Maria Alejandra Mora Sanchez design
Maria Alejandra Mora Sanchez

Maria Alejandra Mora Sanchez is an industrial designer of American, Spanish and Venezuelan nationalities. She was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela and relocated with her family to Houston, Texas, USA at the age of 12. Throughout life, she has felt a passion for art and design, which she considers essential avenues of communication and balance. In the summer of 2017, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design from the University of Houston. Maria’s design education path proved to be a transformative experience from the inside out where she was able to translate purpose, meaning, function, and beauty into her projects. With a proven record of international design excellence, for her, design is a way of life and she believes she is in this world to contribute to a positive and extraordinary cause through her talents and vocations.

Mariale Llc

MARIALE LLC is a company founded by Maria Alejandra Mora Sanchez to explore future possibilities in the fashion tech industry. Loom was her senior design thesis for the Industrial Design Program in the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture & Design at the University of Houston in Houston, TX. Loom was made in collaboration with Cosine Additive Manufacturing where she was an intern.