Kuang Ming Chou Luneng Grasse Villa
Luneng Grasse Villa is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Luneng Grasse Villa

It’s a project to exhibit both the contemporary and luxurious life in China, which combines traditional and technical living style. With spacious and open planning makes Grasse Villa a grand comfortable mansion. Diversity and the exchange of various cultures reveal in this project as well through selection of aristocratic furnishing and antique. Grasse is not a shell for living, but a mansion with culture.

Luneng Grasse Villa
Kuang Ming Chou Luneng Grasse
Kuang Ming Chou Villa
Kuang Ming Chou design
Kuang Ming Chou design
Kuang Ming Chou

Vermilion Zhou Design Group was founded in Shanghai, by Kuang Ming (Ray) Chou (Founder / Creative Director), Vera Chu (Founder / Lighting Design Director) and Garvin Hung(Partner / Design Director) in 2002. More than 700 interior design projects have been accomplished under their leadership, including public, commercial,offices, hotels, restaurants and residential designs. Vermilion Zhou DesignGroup has deep insight in different clients' demands by precisely positioning and providing comprehensive solutions from the perspective of interior design.We hope that each project can be popularized through both of aesthetic and practical aspects, for achieving overall success by means of design.

Luneng Group Co., Ltd.

Luneng Group Co., Ltd. founded in December 2002 is a subsidiary wholly owned by State Grid Corporation of China focusing on real estate and energy and committed to become a public, professional, high-quality, and leading developer of pan-industry real estate as well as investor and operator of clean energy. Luneng real estate has accumulated 26 years of urban development experience, succeeded in 23 cities within China, cumulatively developed construction area of 1,2000,000 square meters, and delivered services for 350,000 distinguished owners. The sales from January 2016 to October 2016 have been ascended to the List of Top 20 for China top 100 real estate enterprises.