Manojkumar Devarassu sTetro Autonomous Staircase Cleaning
sTetro Autonomous Staircase Cleaning is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Engineering and Technical Design Award Category.
sTetro Autonomous Staircase Cleaning

All though there exists numerous precedence demonstrating the benefits of floor cleaning robots, one major factor attributing to their performance loss is their inability to access staircases. sTetro uses a lifting mechanism to reconfigure itself and is capable of navigating over flat surfaces as well as staircases, thus significantly extending the automated cleaning capabilities as compared to conventional home cleaning robots. An autonomy algorithm is also designed for self transformation, locomotion, and autonomous navigation of sTetro in the controlled environment.

sTetro Autonomous Staircase Cleaning
Manojkumar Devarassu sTetro
Manojkumar Devarassu Autonomous Staircase Cleaning
Manojkumar Devarassu design
Manojkumar Devarassu design
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