Shreyans Bhandari enLighten Phone Use Tracking Lamp
enLighten Phone Use Tracking Lamp is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 3D Printed Forms and Products Design Award Category.
enLighten Phone Use Tracking Lamp

enLighten is an hourglass-shaped bedside lamp that tracks your phone use in bed and correspondingly transitions its light color from a pleasant mint green to a throbbing red to make you aware of prolonged phone interaction. The lamp rewards good behavior by transitioning the light in reverse when the screen is turned off for a few minutes. It lets you determine and set goals of time and the apps to track. Through these functions enLighten nudges you to break away from your phone, avoid being over-loaded with online content, be mindful of the passage of time, and prepare you to fall asleep.

enLighten Phone Use Tracking Lamp
Shreyans Bhandari enLighten
Shreyans Bhandari Phone Use Tracking Lamp
Shreyans Bhandari design
Shreyans Bhandari design
Shreyans Bhandari

Shreyans is a product designer whose work spans multiple disciplines, from technology and computer interaction to health and wellness. He is most excited when design touches basic human aspects of health, wellness and inner peace using delightful and thoughtful ways. He believes in designing products that empower users and enable them to be the best, most authentic, version of themselves. He is committed to creatively solving real problems of real people through his natural, but carefully practiced, sense of human centered design.

Shreyans Bhandari

As part of a Masters thesis in industrial design, Shreyans designed this uniquely shaped bedside lamp called enLighten. Unlike the form and function of regular lamps on our nightstands, enLighten tracks our phone use over time and makes us aware of prolonged use by turning from a pleasant green to a pulsating red after repeated use. With this product, Shreyans intends to comment on the contemporary issues related to the impact of phone use on your lifestyles, health and relationships.