Ari Korolainen Left&Right Armchair
Left&Right Armchair is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Left&Right Armchair

Left&Right is a two-piece multifunctional armchair. There are three ways and positions how to place the two chairs. Position no.1: about 60 cm space between the chairs. Position no.2: chairs connected with a square tray. Now there is a place to put down a cup of coffee or a drink. So there is a place for a left-handed person and a right-handed person. The left-handed person sits on the right side and the right-handed on the left side. The third position is to place the chairs tightly close to each other to create a warm atmosphere.

Left&Right Armchair
Ari Korolainen Left&Right
Ari Korolainen Armchair
Ari Korolainen design
Ari Korolainen design
Ari Korolainen

Ari Korolainen is a Finnish architect and designer who was one of the first designers who used recycled materials in his designs. 1985 he started to make cases and stationery products of recycled cardboard. Today he also uses recycled leather commonly in his designs. Good design and environmentally friendly materials can be seen in his Private Case stationery collection. Now, 30 years later, Private Case is a large collection of stationery products and Korolainen is known as Mr Private Case. Furniture design is his another ambition.

Adessin Oy

Adessin is a design company that makes high quality furniture. The products combine something old, something new, something extraordinary and surprising. The design of the furniture is plain, clean and simple, where all extra has been taken off. Furniture can be like a piece of art.