Srinivasulu Reddy ahaDRONE Kit Cardboard Drone
ahaDRONE Kit Cardboard Drone is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design Award Category.
ahaDRONE Kit Cardboard Drone

ahaDRONE, a lightweight drone designed to fit within the 18 inch square corrugated board, a paperboard engineered for aerospace applications. The flatpack do-it-yourself kit includes all components necessary to build a cardboard drone along with a detachable safety guard. The assembled drone has an all up weight of 250 grams and airframe weighing 69 grams. The flight controller includes accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and barometer, can be interfaced with I/O devices to extend its functionality. The opensource design, software and electronics makes it fun to build and fly a drone.

ahaDRONE Kit Cardboard Drone
Srinivasulu Reddy ahaDRONE Kit
Srinivasulu Reddy Cardboard Drone
Srinivasulu Reddy design
Srinivasulu Reddy design
Srinivasulu Reddy

Srinivasulu Reddy, founder and CEO of Skykrafts Aerospace, a startup building drones and drone infrastructure for applications in agriculture, forestry, research and emergencies. Drones encompass all aspects of engineering besides design and artistic elements, this calls for a team of professionals working in iterations till the drone works the part and looks the part. Popular open source projects and tools in the domain have cut the time to market, therefore embracing open source ecosystem and building a community around commercial drones is seen as a healthy way to develop drones.

Skykrafts Aerospace Pvt Ltd

Skykrafts Aerospace makes drones for commercial applications in agriculture, education, forestry and research. Skykrafts Aerospace has developed opensource cardboard drones, and looks at corrugated board as a key engineering material, that can be used in designing drones and robots modelled and simulated using industry standard CAD/CAE tools. By launching ahaDRONE kit, they have demonstrated the efficacy of corrugated board in engineering applications, if it is good for drones, it is good for pretty lot of stuff. The drone kit features opensource designs, electronics and software allowing the user to continue with their own development. Skykrafts Aerospace has developed end to end solution for spraying and applying liquids in crops, this solution has the potential to reduce the amount of pesticides used in crops by applying precise amounts of liquids only when it is needed at the affected region. Due to proliferation of drones, there have been a spike in the number of drones incidents. By using Drones, IoTs and Blockchain Skykrafts Aerospace is building the drone infrastructure to bring accountability to all drones, their pilots and their operators. Skykrafts Aerospace is based in India, it currently has facilities at Bangalore, Hubli and Hyderabad.