Kane Yanagawa Calla Noir Decorative Floor Lighting
Calla Noir Decorative Floor Lighting is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 3D Printed Forms and Products Design Award Category.
Calla Noir Decorative Floor Lighting

The decorative floor lamp Calla Noir, nearly 130cm tall, was printed on a large-scale delta style printer. With the help of new performance materials from Modex 3D filaments and the 3D printing facilities at Linkin Factory, Calla Noir achieved, what just three years ago, seemed like an insurmountable task in 3D printing. Drawing from extensive experiences gained from the past several years of investigation into the potentials of FDM 3D printing, sKY Associative integrated large-scale printing, color gradient printing, and machine code controlled patterning techniques to develop Calla Noir.

Calla Noir Decorative Floor Lighting
Kane Yanagawa Calla Noir
Kane Yanagawa Decorative Floor Lighting
Kane Yanagawa design
Kane Yanagawa design
Kane Yanagawa

sKY_Associative believes that design knowledge gained empirically through exploration and experience as well as researched through experimentation and testing are both vital elements of the creative process. As such, “design” at sKY_Associative is an exercise in artistic innovation and originality through critical dialogues with history and culture. We value the courage and enthusiasm to explore the unconventional and unprecedented and trust in “creative destruction” as a path to progress and innovation.

Chimei| Modex

MODEX, acronym for Material Optimized for Digital EXtrusion, a dedicated high-quality reel material designed for FDM 3D printing technology. Using 100% original materials produced by international manufacturers, the physical properties of low warpage, low odor and high elongation can effectively improve the printing stability and provide high yield. It is the highest quality 3D printing consumable currently available for professional designers and creators to develop safe, reliable, and diverse color choices.