Somayeh Kianpour Borujerdiha House Ring
Borujerdiha House Ring is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Borujerdiha House Ring

The Broujerdi House is a Persian Garden in the center of Iran In city of Kashan. As the most house in the desert atmosphere, it has wind-catcher. Unique shape of the wind- catcher and light entrances of the ceiling are very impressive. Light, shadows and all those painting on ceiling as ornaments was the inspiring point for designing this ring. Black enamel as a symbol of shadow and Persian motifs in other side of the ring reminds the windows to let light enter. The yellow color of Gold remind the color of desert and Iranian architecture in the desert towns.

Borujerdiha House Ring
Somayeh Kianpour Borujerdiha House
Somayeh Kianpour Ring
Somayeh Kianpour design
Somayeh Kianpour design
Kia Gallery

Kia Gallery is the most reputable contemporary jewellery design brand established almost 10 years ago in Tehran, Iran. It is very popular especially among young generation for innovative designs inspired by cultural motifs. A great young design team contains different art fields such as sculptors, painters, industrial designers or architects enhanced and guaranteed design diversity, which effectively changed the atmosphere of jewellery design in Iran.