Osmay Gonzalez Baby Blendy Baby Bottle
Baby Blendy Baby Bottle is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Baby, Kids' and Children's Products Design Award Category.
Baby Blendy Baby Bottle

This bottle is a safe and effective portable system that uses rechargeable batteries to blend your child’s nourishing meal. The primary design element is a built-in bottle blender that mixes formula in seconds, which also reduces foaming and air bubbles. Another detail is the bottom anti-colic air vent system that allows the milk to pass through the nipple smoother. Both of these design features minimize air from the milk so babies won't swallow it, and this helps to reduce upset stomachs.

Baby Blendy Baby Bottle
Osmay Gonzalez Baby Blendy
Osmay Gonzalez Baby Bottle
Osmay Gonzalez design
Osmay Gonzalez design
Osmay Gonzalez

Osmay Gonzalez is a visionary entrepreneur that enjoys creating businesses and products, going from inception into reality. He loves empowering his teams to create the best products and services that can be made. He is ambitious and when challenges arise, he focuses on the solution and not on the problem. With the help of his brother, he launched multiple businesses that have been successful. With all of his successes, he also gives back to his community, donating to his local church and serious disaster recovery causes.

Baby Blendy

Our mission has been to design and reinvent the baby bottle. We’ve patented the first and only rechargeable, battery-operated, anti-colic portable baby bottle blender that mixes powdered baby formula, rice and oatmeal cereals in seconds. The powerful in-bottle blender helps reduce foaming and air bubbles in the milk. This helps prevent your baby from swallowing air. In addition, Blendy has an anti-colic air vent system at the bottom of the bottle that allows the milk to pass through the nipple smoother, separating air from the milk to help prevent post feeding discomfort to your baby. This bottle is also great for mixing breast milk. When breast milk is stored, the milk separates into layers, fats will rise to the top. Our bottle will help mix the breast milk thoroughly. Also, Baby Blendy completely mixes the formula, leaving no big chunks of powder or stored fats from the breast milk that will clog the bottle’s nipple. Finally, a quality blend makes a big difference in taste. Baby Blendy is the only baby bottle that can provide you the best blend for baby’s formula and breast milk. Helping preserve vitamins, nutrients. This baby bottle is ideal for use when on the go or at home to fix your baby a bottle of milk with the solution being thoroughly blended effortlessly. Our mission was to design a baby bottle that eases the complications of having to shake an ordinary baby bottle. Blendy, Stop Shaking, Start Blending.