Franco Pupillo Martini Pio Lineapelle Milano Stand
Martini Pio Lineapelle Milano Stand is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Trade Show Architecture, Interiors, and Exhibit Design Award Category.
Martini Pio Lineapelle Milano Stand

The Martini Pio stand communicates the desire to do something new, a concept of minimalist architecture. The main feature is that it appears to be raised from the ground, in reality it is an illusion, only the front is high, in fact to access it you go up the stairs and then go down inside. The interior space was designed as a showroom with an important and welcoming bar area. The structure of the stand is in wood, while the furnishings are in metal, wood, glass and concrete slabs from Concreo, three quercus suber enrich the interior.

Martini Pio Lineapelle Milano Stand
Franco Pupillo Martini Pio Lineapelle Milano
Franco Pupillo Stand
Franco Pupillo design
Franco Pupillo design
Franco Pupillo

Franco Pupillo deals with design and communication, the great experience acquired over the years by personally following the projects, gave him a knowledge of techniques and materials and a sensitivity that favors simplicity and concreteness. An important feature is that it gives a complete service, in compliance with the company philosophy it helps to improve the image, to better present the products and therefore to sell more.

Martini Pio

Martini Pio is a tannery specialized in the production of smooth calfskin, calf leather and smooth painted half breeches for bags, belts and shoes. The company's products are mainly represented by painted and printed leather. The continuous development of the products and their quality and the technologies used are the reasons why today the Conceria Martini Pio is a name on the world market.