Pouladvar Black Hole Multifunctional Guitar
Black Hole Multifunctional Guitar is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Musical Instruments Design Award Category.
Black Hole Multifunctional Guitar

The black hole is a multi functional guitar based on hard rock and metal music styles. The body shape gives the guitar players feeling of comfort. It's equipped with a liquid crystal display on the fretboard to generate visual effects and learning programs. Braille signs behind the guitar's neck, can help people who are blind or have low vision to play guitar.

Black Hole Multifunctional Guitar
Pouladvar Black Hole
Pouladvar Multifunctional Guitar
Pouladvar design
Pouladvar design

Shahram and Shaheen Pouladvar are partners in Pouladvar Design Group who represent a product design team. Creation is unique and creating beauty is the highest human achievement. Our team is proud to be part of this pleasure. We trying to improve our society by developing our design philosophy. We believe that humanity have right to enjoy superb design.

Pouladvar Design Group

Pouladvar Design Group is an eastern company that is consist of two people who design product about 10 years . this company try to design many different concept based on essentials that users needs. pouladvar design always try to bring new ideas for the pleasure of users.