Shadi Al Hroub Gate 10 Brand Identity
Gate 10 Brand Identity is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design Award Category.
Gate 10 Brand Identity

Every company has a story that makes them unique, and that story should be articulated in a clear and intelligent manner. The valuable expertise and sense of technical integration will help you construct a powerful message that clearly illustrates corporate philosophy and conceptual landscape. This demand for innovation and creativity should met with the hope that people will think their way into new solutions on their own, but with an emphasis on learning tactical tools and creative processes.

Gate 10 Brand Identity
Shadi Al Hroub Gate 10
Shadi Al Hroub Brand Identity
Shadi Al Hroub design
Shadi Al Hroub design
Shadi Al Hroub

I have over 16 years’ experience in design and communications, including over 7 years of research in branding and advertising specifically. I have won numerous international design awards and designs at the international level. My design experience ranges from creative direction, packaging, branding and Multimedia (both traditional and digital). I worked as a lecturer in creative design in various American universities and as a creative consultant at Leo Burnett, Hilton Worldwide, Jordan Aviation, Royal Falcon, Jordan Duty Free, Samsung, Macdonald, G2000, Hublot, The One, International Trade Center (UN) and various international NGOs such as UNRWA, Global Health Development and USAID. I was a final judge for the Stevie Awards for Creative Communications & International Business Awards where I evaluated DHL, Nivea, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and more big names, I was a final judge for Future Ideas, Adobe Achievements Awards 2018, the A’ design awards, and Grand Jury Panel at Vega Digital Awards where I evaluated Porsche campaign, McCann Stockholm, FOX Networks Group Spain and more. I’m currently Grand Jury Panel at Global Trend Awards 2018 where I evaluated BBC, Jaguar, eBay, Sony pictures, Nike and more.

Gate 10

We started our journey back in 2015 and since then, it is a nonstop experience of leaning new market trends and converting them into real business for our customers. We are team of young, energetic and passionate individuals offering our services in different areas of marketing domain. The company’s name Gate 10 represents a gate which we are opening for our clients to take benefits of our ten (10) marketing services. As world is witnessing a rapid digital transformation in almost all industries, so keeping this in our mind that future is all about digital shift, our focus is primarily into digital marketing. Our team’s experience, industry knowledge and attention to detail, make our company different than any other advertising agency in the region.