Tetyana Monics Folks Patisserie Cafe
Folks Patisserie Cafe is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Folks Patisserie Cafe

The Folks patisserie interior is about the balance, between sweet and salt. Newly renovated building provides space with natural light and functional zoning. Space is divided into the welcome area, fast-drinking coffee place, relaxing area, seating, and long-chatting place. In the entrance zone the floor patterns, made of a brass profile, guides guests through the patisserie shop areas. The brass pattern is inspired by traditional Ukrainian culture. Marble murals create balance with rough concrete walls and add a sense of comfort.

Folks Patisserie Cafe
Tetyana Monics Folks
Tetyana Monics Patisserie Cafe
Tetyana Monics design
Tetyana Monics design
Tetyana Monics

Tetyana is sure that every person has a special gap, that you need to try to find. She revealed her talent in full when she studied design at the Yana's Gradetskaya school in the Czech Republic. They paid special attention to freedom of expression, and theoretical knowledge was immediately put into practice in working with real clients. During her studies, it became absolutely clear to her that the interior should not just be filled with beautiful objects, but should be made alive and unique. It is important that design provokes feelings, imagination, and thinking. Tetyana always begins her design with a person. She imagines how a person will move in space, where he will see what he wants to take, where he sits down, whether it will be comfortable enough for him there. All this is the functional part. There is also an emotional component, and it is very important. Tetyana always thinks about what the person will feel when he enters the created space, what her design will encourage. For her, inspiration is not what we are looking for outside, but what we draw from inside our world. Inspiration can catch us at bedtime or while traveling, or in any other place, at any time. The source of inspiration is in life itself, because it is so multifaceted and different - it is amazing!

Folks Patisserie

How often do we remember that every day of life is a holiday? At Folks, we give our guests this feeling. Our love, the product and the atmosphere we create is our key to these emotions. Our product is an emotional flow of tradition. Our atmosphere is well conveyed by the words of F.S. Fitzgerald: "Too much of anything is bad, but there is not much champagne."