Saiwen Liu Tangxing No.5 Residential House
Tangxing No.5 Residential House is Platinum Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Tangxing No.5 Residential House

The unique merit of this case design is that plenty of moso bamboo(also called phyllostachys pubescens) will be used for interior decoration.Given the oversized space, so this design aims to alter the original void and dull space into a comfortable and luxuriant place by adopting scattered space and planar separator.The design selects natural moso bamboo,white cement as its materials, the ground put to use nature stone partly and log floor mostly.

Tangxing No.5 Residential House
Saiwen Liu Tangxing No.5
Saiwen Liu Residential House
Saiwen Liu design
Saiwen Liu design
U-Find Design & Consulting

The client authorized Saiwen Liu as the interior architect for the villa. This is a residential project for a family that is convinced Buddhist. The interior space is 2430 squared meter. The client required to interpret tradition Chinese culture by using modern design concept. Ideally, the material that used in this villa should be natural and sustainable. Saiwen Liu is the design director of U-Find Design and Consulting Company. U-Find is a comprehensive design institute that integrating with architectural design, interior design and landscape design. The U-Find Design and Consulting Company advocate the design concept that is environmentally friendly. Since the beginning of the year 2000, Saiwen Liu started to use low cost natural material in his design. He brought a new perspective to the sustainable design field. After almost two decades of doing experiments on the recyclable natural material, Saiwen has founded that natural bamboo is an ideal material for interior decoration. Natural bamboo requires no coated layer, so it has minimalized the hazard chemical and pollution. It is a perfect material for the residential accommodations. After Saiwen has been assigned with this task, the client was satisfied with his proposal of using natural bamboo as the main design element. As the client and his family are Buddhist. And the son and daughter-in-law of the client appreciated the Chinese tea culture. Saiwen had created customized functional rooms for this particular case. He had fulfilled clients requests and accomplished this project well. In Conclusion, Tangxing No.5 is a successful design project that has combined Chinese culture with the advanced design context.