Arsalan Ghadimi Lunule Chair
Lunule Chair is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Lunule Chair

Lunule chair is a combination of strength, beauty and practicality. It is made of wooden frame and soft foam cushion for the seat and backrest. The cushions are covered with leather lining and all the screws are designed to be hidden. The chair pushes the boundaries and introduces a new use of chair by converting to a stool by removing the backrest. Ergonomics has been considered in the design of chair. It is suitable for people who are sitting cross legged.

Lunule Chair
Arsalan Ghadimi Lunule
Arsalan Ghadimi Chair
Arsalan Ghadimi design
Arsalan Ghadimi design
Arsalan Ghadimi

arsalan ghadimi is a product designer and Founder ghaf design. He tries to bring people closer together and improve the quality of life. From his point of view, design is details, and it is the attention to detail that distinguishes the design. ghaf design worked on a number of prestigious contracts for clients. They are trying to enter the larger global markets. The studio has begun manufacturing its products alongside the product design.

Ghaf Design Studio

Ghaf Design Studio specialized in product design, located in Tehran, Iran. With 2 years in the market, it works with some of the best Iranian companies and other countries, having its products in stores all over Iran. Ghaf design has supported in many fields of design.