LiChun Chang Urban Twilight Residential House
Urban Twilight Residential House is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Urban Twilight Residential House

The space is full of design richness, in term of the materials and details applied in the project. The plan of this flat is slim Z shape, which characterizes the space, but also being a challenge for making a broad and generous spatial feeling for tenants. The Designer provided no walls to cut the continuity of the open space. By this operation, interior receives the nature sunlight, which illuminates the room for making ambiance and makes space comfortable and broad. The craftsmanship also details the space with fine touches. The metal and nature materials shape the composition of design.

Urban Twilight Residential House
LiChun Chang Urban Twilight
LiChun Chang Residential House
LiChun Chang design
LiChun Chang design
LiChun Chang

As a registered Architect, Mr.LiChun Chang is well-experienced in Architecture Design, and Interior Design globally. Mr.Lichun Chang has architecture education background in Taipei, Melbourne, and received Architecture Master Degree in Architectural Association School, London. He believes that great cities are beneficial environments for good designer’s cultivation. By the time living and working in London, he absorbed multi-culture living style, and participated some high-grade design projects in European cities while serving in Architectural Design Firm. Afterward, he joined American Architecture Firm and moved to HongKong and Shanghai for working. During the time in London, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, he mostly worked on prestigious supertall buildings with great design teams. Due to the large scale of projects, he demonstrated his British trained talent for urban scale to architecture, and interior design. Therefore, he has a grand view scope for developing the design project. The art, humanity, environments, and sustainability aspects of project, are the core values for his design concerns. Ultimately, the art of living and culture are deliberately blended and delivered in his design projects. Furthermore, Mr.LiChun Chang has academic teaching background. He was a design studio master of Parametric Architectural Design in the university for 6 years in Taipei, Taiwan. It’s an opportunity for his design experiments, therefore he can try some different design approaches for his design enthusiasm. It’s important for a designer to reflect and rethink of design statements. Since he started his own design firm in 2011, he is not only doing design, but also a contractor for his own design projects. The materiality and the methods of making are both his primary focus, in order to realize the design concepts from preliminary phase to reality. It’s a comprehensive approach and a must for designers to be confident whilst controlling design development, budget, and quality. He also has great interest about inventing details for different materials meeting in a harmony composition, which is the genuine of the beauty of design in his philosophy.

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Imagination, Innovation, Insight. Open-minded for the greater possibility. British trained and educated professional background, along with living and working experience in Europe and Asia, we care about culture, environment, and humanity for good project delivery.