Yuta Takahashi Saks Books Book Design
Saks Books Book Design is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Print and Published Media Design Award Category.
Saks Books Book Design

This book sheds new light on the link between the individual and society in the modern age in analogy with that of the society and university. It’s minimalistic design helps it blend with the home interior and bookshelf. The pure white appearance is suitable for a research book as it evokes a rational sensibility. The motif of two overlapping circles reflects the book’s theme of the individual-society link. A special QR code on the back cover allows easy access to e-books on digital devices.

Saks Books Book Design
Yuta Takahashi Saks Books
Yuta Takahashi Book Design
Yuta Takahashi design
Yuta Takahashi design
Yuta Takahashi

He is an active art director and designer based in Japan. His design studio is simple and minimal, with clean and modern design as its forte. He offers a wide variety of solutions in branding, graphic design, packaging design, editorial design, logo design, illustration, web design, UI & UX design, and others. He solidify the identities of brands and companies by crafting polished, modern and valuable visual identities. He goal is sustainable design, staying socially conscious and aiming for cultural growth.


Saks-Books publishes works which spread the knowledge, research, and practice of anthroposophic awareness. Anthroposophy was founded by Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925), a great thinker active in the latter 19th and early 20th Century Europe. The work Rudolf Steiner left behind is now flourishing across many fields, including education, the arts, architecture, medicine, agriculture, economics, the natural sciences, and philosophy.