Szu Wen Wang European Fascination Residential House
European Fascination Residential House is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
European Fascination Residential House

The craving for lifestyle derives from the natural expression of the personal characters that favor the excellences in this world, accustom to the brilliances from the God creations, and apprehend everything in the universe. For the house owner wishing to live in the European countryside style house, the decoration of house, which is the B&B, is designed on the basis of the European countryside style that the colorful stone walls in the house enliven the textures and visual perceptions.

European Fascination Residential House
Szu Wen Wang European Fascination
Szu Wen Wang Residential House
Szu Wen Wang design
Szu Wen Wang design
Szu Wen Wang

Chung-Ting Wang graduated from a Fine Art University as an expert in sketching and sculpturing, with a nickname of the "Human 3D printer ". Szu-Wen Wang is gifted with color and decoration coordination, and is able to understand the owner’s personality to connect corresponding hues and patterns. Having previously been awarded the title of "Modern Country-style Impression creator", we have been designing for decades and insist on creating and fulfilling an end to end "One Package Service " from the first interview to the supervisor's software layout. More attention to detail, follow the spirit of "Haute Couture", to create boutique art residential space, the modulation of all kinds of exclusive homeowners temperament of the rural atmosphere.

Modern Elegant House & CO.

Life is like a stage play, you can present any role. Modern Elegant House is always good at bringing the fairytales into reality, whether similar to home decoration in the scene of an occidental drama, or from a touching scene in a movie, we always present lifelike in the design collection; expert in designer hand-painted murals and relief, landscaping and hand-made walls ⋯ such materials blend into the house to create modern countryside, American, Southern Europe or Bali vacation style images in a variety of styles. Modern Elegant House is committed to completing Asian homeowners desire to live in a warm and foreign inspired home, we follow the preferences of homeowners and provide a variety of options, also discussing via hand-painted method, renovating unsuitable patterns, to build the best spatial movement and life functions; more often travel to the occident, only for the most authentic country, American, Southern Europe, Bali vacation style image through the mix and reappear into Asia residential, and customized unique, belong to the home story of the owner, depicting the personality of the Modern Country Style scenery.