Chung-Lin Lee Nascent Residential House
Nascent Residential House is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Nascent Residential House

Marble grains intertwine, creating the afterbirth of the newborn, that brilliant gold resembling Sarira. Alternating light and darkness have always been the law of the world. When chaos arises black and white woven textures appear. When indecisiveness passes how can straightforwardness and openness be absent?

Nascent Residential House
Chung-Lin Lee Nascent
Chung-Lin Lee Residential House
Chung-Lin Lee design
Chung-Lin Lee design
Chung-Lin Lee

YUN-YIH Design Company was established in 2000 in Taipei, and the company currently comprises 12 employees. In the past, when people speak of YUN-YIH, the first impression they have is always something exceedingly simple and impressionistic, filtering out all unnecessary ornament, and dedicated to retaining the essential structure. Now, YUN-YIH is captivated by the strength and changeability of contradiction and conflict, and the originally clean appearance has been sprinkled with stimulative flavors. But, the topic of discussion does not stop here, because the element of “man” will bring much more change and foreshadow to YUN-YIH, like energy molecules colliding with one another.

YUN-YIH Design Company

Yun-Yih Interior Design was established in 2000 in Taipei, and the company currently comprises 12 employees. Living quarters, offices and restaurants are our main designing focuses, and we have been given international designing awards including IF gold award, Red Dot design award, and JCD, to name a few. We hope to continue to bring our work onto the international stage.