Marek Maciuba Oka Eye Exhibition stand
Oka Eye Exhibition stand is Platinum Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Oka Eye Exhibition stand

The stand design illustrates the creative approach of Oka company to the importance of design in its products. The outer skin of the stand is a half-transparent facade, where randomly wooden lamellas strengthen by key values, which are driven by OKA company, which concentrate and direct the visitor to the hollow entrance which suks them inside the stand and reveals the world of OKA furniture. The stand in a metaphor of a creative process which starts with the initial idea which is driven by the design and ends up in the final piece of furniture.

Oka Eye Exhibition stand
Marek Maciuba Oka Eye
Marek Maciuba Exhibition stand
Marek Maciuba design
Marek Maciuba design
Marek Maciuba

Marek Maciuba as a founder and CEO of design studio MOA Masters of Arts, since the beginning of his career, has developed a rare mixed-skills set that enables him to create design-driven projects. The pursuit to discover and form intellectual metaphors is the essence of his work. The sense of inventor resulted in creating patented MOA screen system that turned out to distinguish, eco-friendly, multiuse system in the field of exhibition stand design. His design works were awarded by Red Dot and IF Award.

OKA Büromöbel

OKA stands for continuity and departure in the production of individual and attractive office furniture. As a partnership professionals, provides expert and personal advice. OKA specializes in storage space, work spaces, tables with attention to detail.