Ling-Fang Huang All is Full of Love Residential House
All is Full of Love Residential House is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
All is Full of Love Residential House

This petit space meets the domestic needs of wife and kids while not being any less comfortable for its size. The family connection and the interaction with members is the basis of design ideas. Attempt to maximize every bit of the space based on function and the families' imagination. The upstairs has its height kept at a point so that the 180 cm tall owner can walk around easily. The versatile platform area is essentially where the lives of family members intersect.

All is Full of Love Residential House
Ling-Fang Huang All is Full of Love
Ling-Fang Huang Residential House
Ling-Fang Huang design
Ling-Fang Huang design
Ling-Fang Huang

Ling-Fang Huang founded FU-GE in 2009, and have been a savvy veteran in the industry for 16 years. She is an award-winning interior designer with a keen sensibility and the know-how to push the boundaries of creating beautiful home from the inside. She firmly believes that the purpose of interior design is to help people discover their sense of personal identity and repurpose that into their life. Her ideal interior is one that stays in the background, yet quietly exude its unique energy to the inhabitant.

FU-GE Design Integration Co., Ltd.

Founded in Taipei in 2009 by Ling-Fang Huang. ‘’FU’’ is synonymous to ambience, or a vibe that operates discreetly. ‘’GE’’ is to have form followed by function, substance over the ever-changing style. It is the commitment to designing space the right way. ‘’FU-GE Design’’ stands for our idea of the aforementioned characters, as we take designing back to its essentials – a user-centric design philosophy both on the inside and out. At FU-GE, we intertwine space functionality and circulation according to the environment and user preference. A FU-GE design puts user front and center for a heartfelt living experience further accentuated by the interior, while presents its unique vision of life.