Ghiath Al Masri Slabs House Residential Home
Slabs House Residential Home is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Slabs House Residential Home

The Slab House was designed to juxtapose construction materials, combining wood, concrete, and steel. The design is at once hyper-modern yet discreet. The huge windows are an immediate focal point, but they are protected from the weather and street-view by concrete slabs. Gardens feature heavily in the property, both on the ground level and at the first floor, allowing the residents to feel connected to nature as they interact with the property, creating a unique flow as one moves from the entrance to the living areas.

Slabs House Residential Home
Ghiath Al Masri Slabs House
Ghiath Al Masri Residential Home
Ghiath Al Masri design
Ghiath Al Masri design
Ghiath Al Masri

Passion to create a unique mass and standards of beauty, help to developed taste and importance of unifying beauty and efficiency

Ghiath Al Masri

GMI Studio is an architectural firm based in Kuwait. Using a holistic design approach, the studio is dedicated to creating unique buildings which merge the past and the present, combine natural and man-made materials, and make the users of the buildings think differently about their surroundings.