Mathias Woo The Architecture of The City Theatre Performance
The Architecture of The City Theatre Performance is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Performing Arts, Stage, Style and Scenery Design Award Category.
The Architecture of The City Theatre Performance

The Architecture of the City poses a contrast between old and present-day Hong Kong. Inspired by Aldo Rossi’s book of the same title, director adopted the stage use of bamboo scaffolding, a commonly seen architectural element in Hong Kong, transforming the collective memory into an audio-visual experience. Through the interaction between the bamboo structure, images, music, stage and lighting, together with the use of recycled materials for the costumes design, the performance creates an experience of an alternative space and a reflection on the city as a live organism that keeps on changing.

The Architecture of The City Theatre Performance
Mathias Woo The Architecture of The City
Mathias Woo Theatre Performance
Mathias Woo design
Mathias Woo design
Mathias Woo

Mathias Woo is a pioneer in cross-boundary and multi-media theatre, establishing a theatre aesthetic with his strong visual images. Woo is recognised for his portfolio of more than 60 original theatre works, which have been invited to Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Singapore, Milan, Poland, etc. Woo’s theatre works explore a wide range of subjects including literature, history, architecture, religion, current political affairs, and philosophy. In 2009, he initiated and curated “Architecture is Art Festival”, the first of its kind in Hong Kong that was themed around architecture, exploring the many artistic possibilities of architecture and theatre.

Zuni Icosahedron

Founded in 1982, Zuni is a Hong Kong based international experimental theatre company and a non-profit charitable cultural organization. With the diversification of theatrical arts as its objective, Zuni has produced over 200 original theatrical works and has been invited to over 80 cities around the globe for performance and exchange.