Hongming Ge China Town Scarf
China Town Scarf is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Textile, Fabric, Textures, Patterns and Cloth Design Award Category.
China Town Scarf

The Forbidden City is the imperial palace, the symbol architecture of Beijing, and the representative model of the Chinese traditional royal architecture. The grandness of the buildings in the Forbidden City and the symbolic royal colors, especially the red and golden are the integration between the historical culture and the fashionable daily goods design. It expresses the mighty authority of the royal architecture by the gorgeous feelings of the real silk and enhances the interesting visual feelings by the ways of modern design.

China Town Scarf
Hongming Ge China Town
Hongming Ge Scarf
Hongming Ge design
Hongming Ge design
Hongming Ge

Jiu Zhang Ji is a Chinese original design brand created by Ge Hongming. Each of the design from Jiu Zhang Ji contains the quintessence of Chinese Culture.More and more people get to know Chinese Traditional Culture through Jiu Zhang Ji.Designers of Jiu Zhang Ji is pursuing elegant scarf design. Scarves designed by Jiu Zhang Ji are the combination of art,fashion and innovation.

Jiu Zhang Ji

Jiu Zhang Ji is an original designer brand,the idea of Jiu Zhang Ji is to actively integrate Chinese traditional culture into people’s life at present.Jiu Zhang Ji takes scarf as supporter and integrates culture and art into people’s life through design. The manuscript of every scarf of Jiu Zhang Ji is hand-painted by the designer.The distance between hands and heart is the closest,Jiu Zhang Ji uses a spirit of craftsman to design ,and use graphic language as a bridge of communication! Based on traditional Chinese cultrue,Jiu Zhang Ji re-examines national cultrue with an international perspective and designs international products with new design concepts.Jiu Zhang Ji brand established for six years,and accumulated a large number of customer groups, cultural commonality and inclusiveness make more people like Jiu Zhang Ji.The design works of Jiu Zhang Ji are also treasured by a lot of international friends all over the world.