Weiling Li Kylin M Motorized Stabilizer
Kylin M Motorized Stabilizer is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Digital and Electronic Device Design Award Category.
Kylin M Motorized Stabilizer

The most portable 3 axis gimbal for mirror less cameras Snoppa Kylin M is an innovative, portable, handheld 3 axis stabilizer for mirror less cameras. Kylin M uses Snoppa advanced multi axis stabilizing system that can effectively eliminate video shake caused by movement when holding a camera, and realize smooth professional video normally only found when a slider device is used in the professional film making process.

Kylin M Motorized Stabilizer
Weiling Li Kylin M
Weiling Li Motorized Stabilizer
Weiling Li design
Weiling Li design
Weiling Li

Weiling is an industrial designer who loves games. The love of games from childhood has made him full of imagination in his usual life, and he has a strong curiosity about things. After working on design, Weiling originated from his childhood. I love the design of many excellent game products, many of which are used as gifts by friends. Weiling believes that bringing good design to users is the responsibility of his life. Let us use unique ideas, dreams and love to create a better life.


GWOWO design is an innovative design team, adhering to the concept of convey happy design, in 2014 in the design capital Shenzhen, formally established. With industrial design as the core, the team covers design consulting, user research and product strategy, product brand and communication design etc. We are good at creating product brand, create the industry.