Suliman Innab KS Apartment Residential
KS Apartment Residential is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
KS Apartment Residential

The project is designed to create a comfortable living environment, that is at the same time inviting for friends and visitors. Hence, the design is inspired by the paradox of the peaceful simplicity and the captivating complexity founded in nature. This inspiration is reflected in the natural flow of light, harmonized shades of grey, smooth and rough textures of wood, black steel and tile, as well as the fine details in every part of the project, which resulted in a chic industrial look.

KS Apartment Residential
Suliman Innab KS Apartment
Suliman Innab Residential
Suliman Innab design
Suliman Innab design
Suliman Innab

Design lover. A successful and talented creative director with extensive experience in design methodologies and conceptual thinking, based on the architectural background covering fields like architectural design, interior design, furniture, and branding design. A principal architect, passionate about design in general, and details in specific, reflected in many accomplished interior projects and some customized pieces for some spaces. A design lecturer in different Jordanian Universities. Participated in several Juries, and graduation projects discussions. Participated in different international exhibitions like Milan Design Week 2015, Design Junction London 2015, and Design Junction New York.

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Morph-x DESIGN STUDIO provides a wide range of design services; DESIGN is our passion, our mission, and the REAL service we provide. For different segments and different scales we excel. We upload the principles of excellent design standards and combine them with creative and innovative ideas to come up with a unique style that inspire others. Our attention to fine details is the key of our success, the key of making our work LIVABLE ART, and a functionally and aesthetically pleasing masterpiece. The main philosophy, which guides our team, is the dedication and the commitment to provide highly functional design solutions utilizing quality materials in a creative and efficient manner. As architects and designers, we strive to improve the built environment, we existed to change.