Yılmaz Dogan Thorn Lighting
Thorn Lighting is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Thorn Lighting

Believing that it is possible to grow and differentiate organic forms in nature without disturbing their structure and expression by coincidences, and that human beings have an instinctive affinity for natural forms, Yılmaz Dogan said that while designing Thorn, he wanted to reflect growth with forms that emulate nature without any dimension limitation in illumination. Thorn, which is a source of inspiration for a natural branch of Thorn; grows in a random structure and forms natural, meets different needs and has no size limit as a good lighting design.

Thorn Lighting
Yılmaz Dogan Thorn
Yılmaz Dogan Lighting
Yılmaz Dogan design
Yılmaz Dogan design
Yılmaz Dogan

Yılmaz Doğan who has been involved in manufacturing furniture since his childhood states that the relationship between the place and the furniture channels him to question the form, shape and function of each object. This journey has made him committed to designing and structures with passion. He expresses that the biggest obstacle for designing is the structure and that he studied civil engineering to push that to its limits. Doğan, who combines the engineering discipline with designing, continues to work as the Head Designer in QZENS Furniture & Design of which he became a founding partner in 2008. QZENS Furniture & Design operates in England and Turkey. Doğan, who has received various awards, continues his works focused on “ Inclusive Design” in addition to his works in designing furniture and lighting.


Our story began in 2002 at a 160 M2 production workshop with rented machinery and zero capital; in this story, we are moving ahead continuously and tirelessly with our mission for “Being a World Brand” that we have set on the day of our establishment. We see production as out biggest national task... We believe that our passion works. We design and produce; we see production as our biggest task and we put it on the top of our passion. Each day, we forget everything we know and recommend everything. We have no boundaries. We are excited to do the impossible. We cannot stop ourselves from solving details and creating new methods. We are running tirelessly to change the rules. We challenge everyone in the road to be a global brand. As a company which produces, creates employment, can create solutions and is sensitive to the problems in the sector, we know that our development can only be sustained if the sector also develops and we are aware that this change is the main argument for the development of our country.