Mihye Je Hello Mobile Direct Online Shop
Hello Mobile Direct Online Shop is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Website and Web Design Award Category.
Hello Mobile Direct Online Shop

This design has a sophisticated look attained through detailed research in trends and user. From this, it is reviewed to provide a pleasant experience for the users. It has a neatly organized layout, and a visual hierarchy enabling clear and convenient recognition of information displayed. Regardless of highly saturated main colors, the elements were designed harmoniously, presenting comfort and friendliness. The interesting construct of moving up to down and the clear layout both promote positive and interest from the users.

Hello Mobile Direct Online Shop
Mihye Je Hello Mobile Direct
Mihye Je Online Shop
Mihye Je design
Mihye Je design
Mihye Je

Mihye, who studied Multimedia at university in 2007, started her designer’s career while she was studying Visual design at graduate school in 2009. At the same time, she accumulated the experience of editorial design at a design agency in Seoul, South Korea. She was interested in UX/UI because she believed she was able to make the most of her ability and knowledge for design and multimedia. It made her lead to UX/UI and she started her UI designer career after completing the master’s degree. She joined at a start-up in 2012 and experienced from first and last process for mobile services as a UX/UI designer. In 2013, she successfully closed numerous projects for Samsung electronics, NH Bank and etc. at Isobar Korea. She joined at Eco Bridge Company which is provide total UX services in South Korea and has worked as a senior product designer since 2015. She terminated various projects not only for the Korean clients such as Samsung, CJ Hello and KT but also for Hyundai Motorsport(Germany), PPCB(Cambodia) and etc. until now.

CJ Hello Mobile

CJ Hello have been established “Criteria” of the cable network world from a broadcasting of analogue and digital to ultra-high definition image at its peak of the dynamic industry, even if, there have always been rough winds of rapid change in the media industry. We, however, have always been in the forefront of the industry as leading evolutions which cover from ‘UHD broadcasting’ that achieved a commercialization in the world first and ‘GIGA Internet and Cloud broadcasting’ that were launched in Korea first as well, down to ‘Hello mobile’ that drove a new innovation into the mobile network market and ‘Viewing’ that is the next generation TV service (OTT). CJ Hello could be able to be with you wherever and whenever by broadcasting and communication services as close as. What we have been connected each other is surely amazing. From advanced new technology to old TV which is into a tiny grocery store between an alley, we can be sharing the culture and values from it. Now, CJ Hello plans to go forward to grow as the company leading a culture of home-life beyond the cable and mobile network business based on the fundamental of technology which can drive 4th industrial revolution. Because what we conquer the peak of change, and challenges to the coming new world is what we’ve done until now as well as what we can do well in the future.