Kang Shan Sharing The Dwelling Free Shelters
Sharing The Dwelling Free Shelters is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Public Awareness, Volunteerism, and Society Design Award Category.
Sharing The Dwelling Free Shelters

Shared housing is a kind of design based on advertisement board. It can not only provide advertisement propaganda and economic profits for the construction investors of billboards, but also provide shelter for vagrants. This product is different from the traditional way of rescue. It allows tramps to earn more benefits for businessmen by cleaning and maintaining billboards to get their homes. The effect of reciprocity and mutual benefit is also more acceptable to businessmen.

Sharing The Dwelling Free Shelters
Kang Shan Sharing The Dwelling
Kang Shan Free Shelters
Kang Shan design
Kang Shan design
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Caoyang studio is affiliated to the industrial design department of art and design college of zhengzhou light industry university。Zhengzhou university of light industry is a university jointly established by henan provincial people's government and the state tobacco monopoly administration. It is a key university in the education and training program for outstanding engineers, a key construction backbone university in henan province, and a key construction unit for doctor degree awarding in henan province