Li taizhong Liang xiangdong Taekwondo Poster
Taekwondo Poster is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design Award Category.
Taekwondo Poster

Design is an attitude, which determines the creativity and learning ability of a designer. A good designer, their design from the overall and details have their own trade-offs. Even a point, he would find as many places as possible to choose from. In this process of continuous selection, I also accumulated my own design experience. Although it looks simple, in the future design process, the accumulation of these details can save him time. If you want to have good design, then you must accumulate more in daily life, to understand the meaning of common things.

Taekwondo Poster
Li taizhong Liang xiangdong Taekwondo
Li taizhong Liang xiangdong Poster
Li taizhong Liang xiangdong design
Li taizhong Liang xiangdong design
Li taizhong Liang xiangdong

Li Taizhong is the creative director of China 4A Advertising Company. He has won the China International Advertising Festival Great Wall Award, the IAI International Advertising Festival Gold Award, and other members of the China Graphic Designers Association.

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