Junda Liu Octopus Sneakers
Octopus Sneakers is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Footwear, Shoes and Boots Design Award Category.
Octopus Sneakers

Softness and support are contradictory. The designer realizes that a single shoe cannot achieve the strength of exercise. Shoes with multiple layers of material or hard materials are not comfortable. Inspired by the architectural structure, the designer designed a scaffolding model that combines functionality and aesthetics on a soft material basis to achieve a balance between support and softness, and decided to adopt the concept of mechanical aesthetics to enhance the futuristic look.

Octopus Sneakers
Junda Liu Octopus
Junda Liu Sneakers
Junda Liu design
Junda Liu design
Junda Liu

Junda Liu, he is an explorer focused on life and art and technology. Graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. After graduation, he worked at FILA and designed the MIND series. In the following years, he served as design consultant for OSSUNWEN Group and Jean-Louis Scherrer. He is a pragmatic and innovative “craftsman” and a reliable partner worth looking forward to. Through the concept of innovation and balance science and technology, to help customers create value and attractiveness in the retail market.At the same time, he is an avid fan of Hong Kong movies and sci-fi movies, often incorporating the working methods of the film into his creation.

Bender Design Office

Bender Design Office explores the balance between life and art and technology, using architectural geometry and mechanical aesthetics to understand the design of shoes. Iconic geometric curve, simple and careful design language for environmentally friendly materials technology, such as artisan-like grasp of shoes every bit of detail from construction to form, did not miss any one flaw, rigorous and fun co-exist, create a new life way.