Elena Zaznobina Pont Wardrobe
Pont Wardrobe is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
Pont Wardrobe

Pont wardrobe is suitable for small rooms. Having a compact size allows you to provide all the necessary functions. The niche plays the role of the nightstand. Built-in light fixture replaces desk lamp. Also on the back of the niche you can place the outlet for charging gadgets. Inside there are compartments for short and long clothes. Below are two boxes for linen. On the back of the door is a large mirror. This model was born spontaneously, paying tribute to the work of Gio Ponti

 Pont Wardrobe
Elena Zaznobina  Pont
Elena Zaznobina Wardrobe
Elena Zaznobina design
Elena Zaznobina design
Elena Zaznobina

While selecting furniture for interiors of other designers and knowing the technical capabilities of manufacturers of factories, she have accumulated a lot of ideas that she wants to bring to life.Prefers furniture designed personally for the customer.Studying at the DETALI design school was the impetus for the development of its own models.

School of Design DETALI

The Interior Design School DETAILS was created in 2000. School Member of the International Association of Interior Designers IIDA since 2002, operates in accordance with IIDA professional standards. The goal is vocational education and advanced training in the field of interior design, subject and external environment, the development of creative thinking and the creative potential of the individual.