Percept Design Agile Yubin Fu Villa
Agile Yubin Fu Villa is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Agile Yubin Fu Villa

The space design of this case is a new Chinese style that combines ancient and modern, and is also a rhythm poem with a traditional humanistic aesthetic vision. The space flows with the beauty and elegance of women.The designer integrates the classical feeling into the interior, and forms a unique oriental meaning space. Whether pine or plum blossom, landscape or gallery, even the blue in the bedroom seems to be intimate. With precise lighting, the Chinese-style atmosphere is hidden between the shadows of the sidelights.

Agile Yubin Fu Villa
Percept Design Agile Yubin Fu
Percept Design Villa
Percept Design design
Percept Design design
Percept Design

Life inspire design, PERCEPT SPACE is established due to its outstanding and innovation. We work together with one heart to provide our customers professional and systematical service such as complete set of space planning scheme, instruction of construction, soft decoration ornament design etc.

Percept Design

Percept Design focuses on spatial standardization and innovation of high-end real estate, rail transit and commercial-cultural industry such as hotels, office buildings, sales centers, show flats, sanatoria industry, tourism, rail transit, cultural-commercial complex, etc… We specialize in conceptualizing and characterizing each project and providing professional, systematic but unique service regarding planning, building instructions, soft decorations.