Jimmy Jian Parametric Ceramics Pottery
Parametric Ceramics Pottery is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Generative, Algorithmic, Parametric and AI-Assisted Design Award Category.
Parametric Ceramics Pottery

The Parametric Ceramics was created by studio JJ Project. It demonstrates a rich mathematical aesthetic in ceramics through a combination of program and craft techniques. The work takes into account the beauty of the craft and the limitations of manufacturing, showing the advantages of cooperation between engineers and artists.

Parametric Ceramics  Pottery
Jimmy Jian Parametric Ceramics
Jimmy Jian Pottery
Jimmy Jian design
Jimmy Jian design
Jimmy Jian

Jimmy Jian is a designer and researcher exploring the relationships among technology, materials, and aesthetics through design. He regards design as a mindset that can be used in various ways, from tangible to intangible, from problem solving to problem finding. After graduating from Taiwan Tech in Industrial Design in 2018, he received a national scholarship to support his study abroad, and earned an MA in Design Products from Royal College of Art in 2020 with distinction in dissertation. His works range cover products, crafts, interactions, and visuals.

JJ Project

JJ Project is created by Jimmy Jian (Chen-Ting Chien) and Jack Liu (Zhao-Wei Liu), an Taiwanese designers duo based in Taipei, Taiwan. The two designers collaborated for the first time in the university graduation project, and created unexpected works by combining their respective techniques of programming and crafts. After that, they decided to set up a studio, and keep exploring the relationship between craft and technology through design.