Lucio Rossi Venvstas Designer 7 Mechanical Pencil
Venvstas Designer 7 Mechanical Pencil is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Art Materials, Stationery Supplies and Gift Items Design Award Category.
Venvstas Designer 7 Mechanical Pencil

The 2 mm is the choice for architects, because it is not as thin as the 0.5 (a technical pencil) or a 4.5 (a sketching pencil that brings not enough definition), the 2 mm for architects is the right spot where the tool allows for an expressive drawing while keeping a decent amount of precision on it. It is also quite poor that the 2 mm mechanical pencil replaces the same size of a traditional wooden pencil. However it is the most uncommon size to find.

Venvstas Designer 7 Mechanical Pencil
Lucio Rossi Venvstas Designer 7
Lucio Rossi Mechanical Pencil
Lucio Rossi design
Lucio Rossi design

Write your history, draw your future. Creating more than just writing instruments. VENVSTAS stands for beauty. It comes from the Vitruvian triad "Firmitas, Vtilitas, Venvstas". It's an essential part of any design: the function, the construction and the beauty. We create unique writing and drawing instruments. Made by hand with care and precision, they are designed to last. Crafted out from long lasting materials that will ensure their permanence in your hands, they will be loved and used by many generations to come.