Unsangdong Architects Sopoong-gil Community Community center
Sopoong-gil Community Community center is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Sopoong-gil Community Community center

‘Sopoong-gil Community’ is a barrier free local community center placed at Nowon-district, Seoul, South Korea. The architecture is mainly consist with the wheelchair ramp that extends all the way from the 1st floor to the roof top on the 3rd floor, creates community space with no boundary. With the ramp with no boundary, various activities can take place with the needs of everyone. The ramp contains flexible programs such as book shelves, rest area, galleris and extension space for performances. The ramp becomes creative and fun space for local children and community shelter for local people.

Sopoong-gil Community Community center
Unsangdong Architects Sopoong-gil Community
Unsangdong Architects Community center
Unsangdong Architects design
Unsangdong Architects design
Unsangdong Architects

UnSangDong Architects is the experimental group organized to realize conceptual architecture with variable possibilities of cultural contents. The main research and project of Unsangdong Architects is based on the diversity of architecture. In 2007, Unsangdong Architects received AR Awards from "Architectural Review" which is world-famous architectural award. UnSangDong Architects reveived Vanguard Award from Architectural Record that is awarded to innovative architects in the word in 2006. As the first lecturer amongst the Korean architects. Also Unsangdong Architects gave a lecture for RIBA in 2008. Jang introduced the idea of “space coordinator” and showed experimental works at “Ssamzie Project”, the Seoul Museum of Art “Cheonggyechun” exhibition and the “Preliminary Aleart” exhibition.

Nowon District Office

Nowon District (Nowon-gu) is a residential district of Seoul, South Korea, Located in the northeastern part of the metropolitan city. It has the highest population density in Seoul, with 619,509 people living in the area of 35.44 km².