Cristiana Vannini Fassamano Reading Glasses
Fassamano Reading Glasses is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Fassamano Reading Glasses

Fassamano, inspired by the shapes of the early glasses, is thought to be worn around the neck and designed as a combination of pure forms. Two circles for the eye rims and a line for the bridge.The handle, also minimal in its design, has a double function: grab to the use and eyelet for the cord. The glasses weight only 20 grams. Crafted with CNC technology and hand polished afterwards. The eye rims are made in acetate with a glossy finish and the bridge is in alpacca with different finish.

Fassamano Reading Glasses
Cristiana Vannini Fassamano
Cristiana Vannini Reading Glasses
Cristiana Vannini design
Cristiana Vannini design
Cristiana Vannini

Architect, florentine by birth and milanese by adoption. Her studio cristianavannini | arc, focuses on private houses, workplaces, hospitality and various architectural fields, from refurbishment of rural architecture to interiors. Also, some works are about exhibit, events, retail and identity design, for both temporary or permanent. Among clients, information technology, mass market and real estate companies as well as cultural private and public institutions. Since 2003 she has held Masters at Polytechnic of Milan, SPD (Scuola Politecnica di Design), Domus Academy and Lorenzo de’ Medici. She is a member of IDEA , Italian Association of Exhibition Designers, and AREL_Association Ladies Real Estate. Cristiana Vannini is founder, designer and creative director of Fassamano, a luxury reading glasses brand. She recently launched her own blog dealing with design, interiors, lifestyle and much more.


Fassamano /fas•sa•mà•no/ The unique visionary spectacles that magnify your reading power and your charm in the blink of an eye From the outset, Fassamano stands for its distinction, culture and savoir vivre. Descending from the magnificent 18th century Venice, when a slight shortness of sight was considered attractive and a perfect occasion to wear a precious accessory. Fassamano are the new Italian made reading glasses to be worn around the neck, like a precious jewel and brought close to the eyes when needed. In an instant, with an elegant and chic gesture your Fassamano will let you clearly close up and read a message on your smartphone or a restaurant menu or that small detail that escapes the eye.