Markus Hofko Kurio Modular Shelfing System
Kurio Modular Shelfing System is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Kurio Modular Shelfing System

Kurio is a unique and versatile shelf-board system. It consists of a wooden board with a regular grid of slits which hold elegant thin aluminium panels. These panels can be placed in any order and interconnect when tucked together vertically and horizontally. This system does not require any screws or tools and allows for an instant change of the layout. Board and panels are available in various colours and sizes giving the freedom to create various looks. Kurio can be expanded by interconnection with any other Kurio.

Kurio Modular Shelfing System
Markus Hofko Kurio
Markus Hofko Modular Shelfing System
Markus Hofko design
Markus Hofko

Within the arts but also in everyday life Markus Hofko is a left field thinker and questioner. Through subtle provocations and outside-the-box approaches he triggers curiosity. His activities range from music productions, to stage plays, publications, music videos and illustrations to product and interior design. His interdisciplinary projects led to a holistic approach in his art which builds the basis for considered and forward thinking concepts.

Von Morgen

Led by artist, designer, filmmaker and publicist Markus Hofko the small German studio manufactures high quality furniture and homeware which impress by their minimalist executions. With timelessness, modularity and innovative material design in mind Von Morgen creates objects which are considered and subtly futuristic.