Oron Milshtein Milewood Residence
Milewood Residence is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Milewood Residence

The apartment is in a new 23 floors tower, before this tower it was the place of an iconic movie cinema. In his programs the designer decided to concede on one of the bedrooms and turn it in to a three rooms apartment. The fourth room turned into a delicate open space. The open space is also used as Milshtein's interior design studio, so that the design had to be functionalist. Milstein create a separation between the privet spaces, and the public work space. Next to the dining table there is a three-dimensional decorative wall, made out off aluminium and M.D.F.

Milewood Residence
Oron Milshtein Milewood
Oron Milshtein Residence
Oron Milshtein design
Oron Milshtein design
Oron Milshtein

Oron Milshtein is one of the youngest and promised designers in Israel today. Milshtein's work is unique and projecting in the Israeli market. The combination of pop art, modernist clean lines and contemporary design styles, that Milshtein's combines in his works are outstanding in the local Israeli design world. He creates innovate, invigorate experience in the spaces. and bringing a new colored and constructive language and create whit it comfortable and functional space for variety of users. In all of his works the special eclectic design language is extremely dominant.

Oron Milshtein Interior Design

This project client is Oron Milshtein, who is also the head designer of the studio. He took himself a huge challenge to design his own residence and studio that take place in the same living space. The original apartment was a standard 3 bedrooms + living room . the designer decide to do the apartment specially for him with all the think that he dream about it. it was hard to design your own place ,to be client and designer. after you do a lot of project and you want to do something special that will comfortable and good design,but wont be trendy. Make it place that feel like your own home.