Attila Stromajer Intermodality Desk
Intermodality Desk is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Intermodality Desk

The desk imitates the grand piano with three legs, a drop-leaf cover and with its shape. It has a modern parametric design with rustic finish. It was tried to preserve the elegance and charm of the piano while trying to make it as functional as possible. The goal was that through the visual modality the desk bring the auditory modality and musicality into homes. So across the intermodality it symbolizes the the flow experience of music and creative process.

Intermodality Desk
Attila Stromajer Intermodality
Attila Stromajer Desk
Attila Stromajer design
Attila Stromajer design
Attila Stromajer

The man behind Stroo Design is also a full-time psychologist. Among other things, his works are inspired by this profession. He is working on getting people to discover feelings they had been unable to have before. He tries to help them find their balance and joy. As a designer, his aim is the same, although he reaches it by using materialized tools. With everything he makes he would like to add to our harmony and enrich our world. Through his designs he wants to generate feelings, thoughts and enhance people’s world.

Stroodesign Attila Stromajer

I am Attila Stromajer, designer and founder of Stroodesign. My aim is to create pieces of quality furniture that apart from fulfilling their functions add something to our lives emotionally. I pay attention to sustainability and creating durable furnishings. I believe that our furniture has an impact on us, triggering feelings and thoughts in us. It effects our well-being and inspires us. Therefore, while designing I make use of my knowledge I gained as a psychologist about the needs and drives of human beings. Besides being conscious during the procedure, I also like to rely on my intuitions. I look at furniture pieces as our partners in life. My goal is to help people realize that these are much more than objects. They should be seen as an important part of our every day lives and should reflect our personality. Keeping to our mission, apart from bringing our own ideas to life, we are open to subcontracting and creating furniture imagined or designed by our customers. We produce high quality, uniquely designed furniture with the help of our network of reliable contractor joiners. When you order a piece from us, we supply a wide variety of choices in material, size or shape upon request.