Zheng Feng Concern Dog Translator
Concern Dog Translator is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Futuristic Design Award Category.
Concern Dog Translator

In future, the technology of translating information from animals to human languages will be dramatically developed and get mature enough to be massively utilized in peoples’ ordinary life, which will be firstly focused on dog.The design uses dogs’ ability of detecting the premonition of cancer, cardiac arrest, diabetes and other diseases to create a convince translation tool that allows dogs to act as prevention for human being’s common disease. Meanwhile, the dogs can independently interact with home appliances, online hospitals, etc., to help or rescue the family members in time.

Concern Dog Translator
Zheng Feng Concern
Zheng Feng Dog Translator
Zheng Feng design
Zheng Feng design
Zheng Feng

I am a student of design and design from China, majoring in industrial design at Zhengzhou University of Light Industry. I am interested in considering the impact of future products on our current life. I hope that technology will bring us more happiness, so the products I design are more biased towards conceptual design. These concepts may not be realized, but I want to use these concepts to arouse people's attention to things that are neglected in life, such as environmental protection and animal protection.

Cao Yang studio

Cao Yang studio is affiliated to the industrial design department of art and design college of zhengzhou light industry university。Zhengzhou university of light industry is a university jointly established by Henan provincial people's government and the state tobacco monopoly administration. It is a key university in the education and training program for outstanding engineers, a key construction backbone university in Henan province, and a key construction unit for doctor degree awarding in Henan province.