Chaos Design Studio Quaint and Quirky Dessert House
Quaint and Quirky Dessert House is Platinum Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Quaint and Quirky Dessert House

Quaint & Quirky Dessert House is a project that shows modern contemporary vibe with a touch of nature that accurately reflects the delicious treats. The team want to create a venue that truly unique and they looked to the bird’s nest for inspiration. The concept then brought to life through a collection of seating pods that serve as the central feature of the space. The vibrant structure and colours of all the pods share help to create a sense of uniformity that ties together the ground and mezzanine floor even as they give the ambience a touch of attention-grabbing.

Quaint and Quirky Dessert House
Chaos Design Studio Quaint and Quirky
Chaos Design Studio Dessert House
Chaos Design Studio design
Chaos Design Studio design
Chaos Design Studio

Charles completed his Bachelor of Science (Architecture) Studies at the University of Science Malaysia and continue to achieve her Bachelor of Architecture at the same University, graduating in 2010. After graduating, he worked for two years in Melbourne to gained experience in both architecture and interior design field before back to Malaysia. Co-founder Charles joined Chaos Design Studio in 2016 after working at local architecture firm for 3 years and has been involve in many types of projects range from residential both individual and multi, through to commercial and mixed development.

Bird Nest Secret

Bird Nest Secret is an Asian specialty dessert house which focuses on and serves premium desserts mad out of the delicacy that is bird’s nest. It is a restaurant serving one of the most recognizable Asian delicacies in the world sports. It is a dessert house that not only served quality desserts, but also provide cozy atmosphere which is a perfect place for alone time or after-work stress relief space.