Via Design India LLP Values in Action Experience Centre
Values in Action Experience Centre is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Values in Action Experience Centre

Via Design’s elegant solution for a corporate Training Facility and Brand Center favours simplicity of layout and reserves the drama for vertical design elements and interplay of materials. The designers use a warm material palette that juxtaposes natural textures of concrete and wood against the Client’s vivid brand colors. A standout element of the project is a set of glass panels, inscribed with brand values, which can be freely rearranged by the end users to divide the space in myriad combinations, an interplay characterized by the designers as Values in Action.

Values in Action Experience Centre
Via Design India LLP Values in Action
Via Design India LLP Experience Centre
Via Design India LLP design
Via Design India LLP design
Via Design India LLP

Via Design is a New Delhi, India based Architecture & Interior design Practice specializing in workspaces solutions for large corporations. Via Design's recent clientele includes companies such as PwC, Microsoft, Google, Zomato. Ram Joshi, Architect & principal partner, is the founder of the firm and he leads a team of design professionals from a diverse background and skills in delivering world-class solutions for a global clientele. In his past avatars, Ram has been a cartoonist (The Statesman), musician (Indian Ocean), before (questionabley?) abandoning other pursuits in favor of Design and Architecture.

Via Design

Via Design is a full-service Interior Design consulting firm with specialization in work environments. Founded in 1999 by Ram Joshi, the firm has worked with over 100 clients in delivering more than 150 projects in locations spread across 16 states in India. Via Design has the unique proposition of combining the security and the experience of a large firm with the focus and creativity of a boutique design service.