STARH A3 Advanced Architecture Apartments
A3 Advanced Architecture Apartments is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
A3 Advanced Architecture Apartments

The idea was to create a building which was harmoniously fit in its environment. Two elements set the architectural concept – the mountain and the city. A3 is located in the border area where these two elements overflow into one. Due to its position – in the part of Sofia where the modern and interesting buildings are, A3 is designed to be contextual and innovative. The other dominant component of the environment is the mountain, peeking into the building. The logical result from these elements is the dynamic and modern shape of the building, while its function was never harmed.

A3 Advanced Architecture Apartments
STARH A3 Advanced Architecture
STARH Apartments
STARH design
STARH design

STARH was created with a devotion to a cause, which benefits the society and brings the architects’ inner satisfaction. The studio has taken the mission to break through stereotypes with a fresh, different and bold approach, expressed in strong and determined forms. The architects at STARH believe that the limits could be overcome with a spirit of creativity, innovation and a sense of aesthetics. Their work covers the spectrum of major architectural challenges - from small, fine architectural edifices for private clients to large public projects. By welcoming them in new ways, putting feeling and enjoying every step of the process, they believe that they change and create new dimensions in the environment we inhabit.