Michelle Rivadeneira Cuyabeno Reservation Packaging
Cuyabeno Reservation Packaging is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Packaging Design Award Category.
Cuyabeno Reservation Packaging

Michelle Rivadeneira created a design for souvenir packaging of an ecological reserve in Ecuador, where she transmits and transfers a piece of the culture of that sector so that it becomes memorable in the foreigner's mind. The design visually represents the ethnic group known as Cofan, characterized by the color and plumage obtained from the fauna of Cuyabeno. More than the cover of a souvenir, a memory from the middle of the world, Ecuador.

Cuyabeno Reservation Packaging
Michelle Rivadeneira Cuyabeno Reservation
Michelle Rivadeneira Packaging
Michelle Rivadeneira design
Michelle Rivadeneira design
Michelle Rivadeneira

Michelle Rivadeneira is a soon to be graphic designer, who aims to raise awareness in society about the true importance of design, through works with an elaborate conceptual background. She has a saying which she identifies herself with: "Free soul, creative and unconscious essence with wings of spontaneity." Michelle is always looking for new sources of inspiration to grow and someday become a reference and inspiration for newcomer designers.

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Young and future graphic designer and visual communicator of Ecuador, dreamy and spontaneous woman, who seeks inspiration through the conceptual world. I am an Ecuadorian woman who solves problems from the visual point looking for the balance between functional and aesthetic, to offer a better communication according to the needs. I aspire to be a versatile designer, leader in the area, recognized for its graphic quality and concepts applied to design.