Lia González The Begginning Book Suit
The Begginning Book Suit is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
The Begginning Book Suit

The reticle is a system that generates modular books with a double reading. Every form applied to a modular grid allows us to generate books that are first read in a linear way and then unfold generating the form. The Begginning consists of a folding book submitted to a modular grid that parody based on the process of the Big Bang the origin of a new universe. The Begginning is a continuation of the Modular Readings project that studies the formation of book-suits based on a Codex of s.XV. Adwars: Vegap, Help Artistic Creation, 2016, Spain. Selected: Young Creators, 2017, Spain.

The Begginning Book Suit
Lia González The Begginning
Lia González Book Suit
Lia González design
Lia González design

Graphic designer focused on social and experimental design. She finished her design studies with the project "Modular Readings" that was funded by VEGAP for the creation of a new modular book. VEGAP is a spanish cultural association that supports artists and their works.