Kiss Branding Mother Root Cosmetics
Mother Root Cosmetics is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Packaging Design Award Category.
Mother Root Cosmetics

Mother Root is a range of creams and ointments, infused with the golden power of Turmeric. Our brand identity and packaging concept takes an indulgent approach to Turmeric based skincare. Using delicate contours wrapping around the face, the packs evoke a targeted treatment that's effective and soothing for modern audiences. In combination with raw burnt red colours, organic shapes and premium cues, the design celebrates the product's earthy and natural healing origins in an efficacious yet original way.

Mother Root Cosmetics
Kiss Branding Mother Root
Kiss Branding Cosmetics
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Kiss Branding design
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Poonam is the driving force behind Kiss Branding’s creative vision. Her core creative proficiency is backed by market analysis, innovation, and brand identity expertise. Before founding Kiss, Poonam worked with high profile clients including Heineken, Pizza Express, Coca Cola and Arla in creative and strategic roles at Bulletproof. Today, she is a valuable ally to our clients, providing support, guidance and big ideas along the branding journey.

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Our future is uncertain. Brands have huge power over what that future looks like, they are the major cultural influencers of our time. Which is why we need brands that build on society, not exploit it, to step up and lead the way. Brands that rewrite the rules and ignite sparks of change and rebellion while advocating collaboration, connection, and community. We create clarity, focus, and design for these brands that are building a better future. Using the strategies we’ve learned working with household brands, and a combination of big agency can-do with a young challenger mentality, we’re making brand strategy and beautiful design accessible to disruptor businesses great and small, allowing them to be heard, be seen and make their mark.