Vera Reshetina Bruk Armchair
Bruk Armchair is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Bruk Armchair

The BRUK armchair from Black Owl is made of organic wool felt, the oldest known textile. Felt-making is not very popular nowadays, but it is widely practised in Belarus, primarily for a type of footwear called Valenki. Black Owl used this underrated material to explore felt’s natural qualities and unique characteristics. The felt is processed by hand using a traditional technique that requires no seams. The frame of the BRUK armchair is made of steel. BRUK airmchair was designed to adds character to both classic and contemporary interior.

Bruk Armchair
Vera Reshetina Bruk
Vera Reshetina Armchair
Vera Reshetina design
Vera Reshetina design
Black Owl

Black Owl was founded in 2017 by Andrei Reshetin, who decided to incorporate his passion for design into his professional life. After a decade of success in the tech world, co-founding and leading an international software development company, he transitioned to designing craft furniture at age 42. An avid lover of nature, Andrei lives in the countryside, and the surrounding landscapes serve as inspiration for Black Owl.