Tina Winness Tribute Wau Multifunction Pendant
Tribute Wau Multifunction Pendant is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Tribute Wau Multifunction Pendant

Tribute Wau was created to honor a Master traditional Malaysian kite-maker who passed from this world. To preserve this tradition, this piece was created to inspire the next generation. Made in 18k gold, set with sapphires and diamonds, the carved Nephrite Jade insert gives a Chinese touch to an otherwise culturally Malay piece, representing the culturally diverse nature of Malaysia. The tails of Tribute Wau move as you do, representing the feel of wind flowing along the kite as it soars through the skies where it belongs, free of earthly bonds.

Tribute Wau Multifunction Pendant
Tina Winness Tribute Wau
Tina Winness Multifunction Pendant
Tina Winness design
Tina Winness design
Tina Winness

Tina Wong is an artist painter and jewellery designer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her designs are inspired by nature, geometry, textiles and traditions. Made in a variety of materials and designed by hand and CAD in the Malaysia her collections are striking, bold as well as being timeless and classic. Tina studied Fine Arts and to equip herself further as a jewellery designer, obtained diploma at Raffles College of Higher Education. Tina also designs and manufactures on commission. If you want to read more about her jewellery, please follow her in Instagram alti_design. If you are interested in any commissions or jewellery consultation, she may be contacted at

Tina Winness

Tina Winness lets her emotions inspire her designs. As she journeys through life on earth, she takes her experiences and fuses other elements such as cultures and architecture into designs that represent them and gives a new perspective to the piece. She sees significance in things that some would not notice in their busy day to day lives and translates them into pieces that she hopes would evoke emotions that may otherwise be left buried under the stern, unforgiving pace of modern life. Tina Winness believes that jewellery design should come from the heart.