Ming Leung Bubble Arts Educational Project
Bubble Arts Educational Project is Platinum Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Bubble Arts Educational Project

When bubbles meet the ceiling, why do the bubbles burst, instead of the ceiling bursts? In children's world, one feels the urge to protect the beauty of their senses and imagination! Instinctual character is far more important than a contrived personality. First, Hele should not look childish. Rather, it should convey an impression of professionalism. Second, interiors should reflect how children feel, as opposed to the constrained and rigid style of traditional teaching environments. Third, the center should be a place that fosters art for the entire city.

Bubble Arts Educational Project
Ming Leung Bubble Arts
Ming Leung Educational Project
Ming Leung design
Ming Leung design
Ming Leung

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Developer: Poly Developments and Holdings 、Poly Hele Education

Poly Developments and Holdings is one of the earliest companies engaged in the development of real estate investment in China. Its ‘Poly Real Estate’ is a well-known leading brand in the industry. The company's real estate investment, development and operation business has achieved international scale operation and its business covers more than 100 cities around the world. The company has the development experience of real estate, in addition to residential and commercial office buildings, in the brand hotels, shopping centers, convention centers, sports venues, industrial parks, theme parks, tourism and other fields, the formation of independent brand system and benchmark products. The company fulfills the social responsibility of central enterprises and actively participates in the fields of urban transformation, rural revitalization, affordable housing construction, leased housing management, infrastructure investment, social welfare, and precision poverty alleviation. It implements the rural revitalization strategy, promotes the new urbanization process, and improves human settlements. Comprehensive quality, contributing strength.